About Us

Zemaco is a vertically integrated design, architecture, and construction firm. We provide design, architecture, product procurement, installation and value engineering services to General Contractors and Architects on multi-unit residential developments. We specialize in the kitchen area and work with the top cabinet, countertop, and appliance manufacturers in the industry to provide quick and reliable solutions for demanding multi-unit residential developments.

Our Story

We are a small team of designers, architects, entrepreneurs, and tech geeks who came together to create the best company that we could. We love working together, we love our clients, and we love working on exciting projects. Most of all, we love it when we see our clients happy.

Meet the Team


We think we have the A-Team! Seriously, put us up against anyone and we will come up on top. We’re not competitive just to be competitive, we do it because we love what we do, and we are good at it.

Zen Matoshi

Founder & CEO

Zen is a nationally recognized business leader and public figure. He serves on the advisory boards many internationally recognized companies.

A few of our services